What to know before you get started

We are so glad you are here! Please know these are medical grade products so we want you to know a few things before you begin- lets get started!

Use facial toning pads following cleansing, including neck and chest! Don't rinse after pad use and follow with your regular treatment serums, moisturizers and sunscreen.

Please know a short stinging affect is to be expected and normal when using the Daily Pad and/or Power Pads. 

On a retinoid? Good for you! We recommend starting toning pads AM if you are using a RX retinoid at night OR use toning pads on an off retinoid night. 

Allow Power Glow pads to work their magic during the night if possible. If you are on a RX retinoid only use Power Glow on an off night of retinoid.

Daily sunscreen is always necessary. With MK toning pads we are exfoliating away old skin and creating new healthy skin cells. It is very important to keep your skin protected every single day with sunscreen. 

We do not recommend to use the Daily Glow and Power pad in the same day. If it is Power Glow day, skip Daily Glow use. 

Simply reduce application if excessive dryness or irritation occurs. You won't appreciate these products if you jump in, over use, and become dry. Take your time getting started. 

Power Glow pads are not recommend while pregnant or nursing.

Daily Glow ingredients are considered safe during pregnancy but we always advise checking with your OB before use.